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13 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 1997 εδω στην ξενιτεια (Φοινιχ Αριζονα ΗΠΑ ερημος πληθυσμος 4 εκατομμυρια) χιλιαδες ατομα και ενας Κιατανιωτης ειδαν τα UFO η ησαν φωτοβολιδες απο στρατιωτικο αεροπλανο απο τις αεροπορικες βασεις της περιοχης;

MPEG. This video clip is one of five known videos that were recorded on the night of 13th March 1997 in Phoenix Arizona in the United States. At the beginning of this clip, there is a very short clip of what we believe to be the actual flares from that particular night. However, the footage that follows is not flares and was recorded at a different time to the actual flare drop on a nearby military range.This was a very unusual sighting as it involved many many witnesses from the City of Phoenix Arizona USA and its surrounding areas.The military tried to play down the multi-witness reports by saying that the lights were indeed flares from a nearby military excercise,although this has been shown to be incorrect information and the times given did not correspond to the actual sightings and witness reports themselves.The craft or anomaly itself was reported to have been about 1 mile long from start to finish.Shot on March 13,1997 by Tom King near 10:00 p.m.

MPEG. Shot on March 13,1997 by Insurance salesman, Mike Krysten at 10:00 p.m. Shot from Moon Valley, 40 miles away from the City of Phoenix in Arizona, USA. Mike said "I first saw a single point of light further to the East of the mountains than I have seen before. The rest of the lights formed to the right of it"  His wife described the anomalous lights as being significantly larger than any of the lights in the city.This clip has aired on every major tv channel in the U.S on CNN news and many other major stations.

MPEG. Shot on March 13,1997 by an anonymous person only known as "Doctor X" around 10:00 p.m. Not very much at all is actually known about this particular footage or the person who filmed it. Footage was shot from a location known as Camelback Mountain, in the middle of the City of Phoenix Arizona  USA, and clearly shows the lights going out one at a time almost as if in sequence. A short clip and a reasonably quick download.