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NetZero Without B.S.

1. Download the NetZero software and install it. Proceed to register for a new account -- take note of the password and userid you choose. Also note the telephone number that you will use to connect. A complete list of phone numbers is available at

2. Now check the Dialup Networking Connection created by the NetZero software to determine the DNS (Domain Name Server) addresses NetZero uses. (If this is too confusing, use and

3. Uninstall NetZero.

4. Create a new TCP/IP Connection with the DNS servers you noted in Step 2 and using the telephone number you selected when you installed NetZero in Step 1. Specify "" as the username, and use the following password scrambler to convert the NetZero password you chose into one that will work from within Dialup Networking:

NetZero Password:
Scrambled Password:

You must use the scrambled password above as your password in Dialup Networking!

5. Now set up mail (if you wish) using the userid and password (not the scrambled password) you selected in Step 1 and the mail servers listed on

6. That's it!