1. Download the miRC program (below) that applies to your system.
2. Click on the downloaded program. It will automatically install.
3. Read the instructions. You will need a nickname.

To connect to #kiato chat room you must:
1. Add a greek server such as nana.irc.gr to the server list that the downloaded program has.
2. Select that particular server
3. Once you are connected to the server, type /join #kiato and you are in KIATO, GREECE. Enjoy!!!

Download mIRC
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mIRC and the FAQ are provided for you to download on this page, just select the version that applies to your system. Ircle is provided for those of you using a Macintosh, as mIRC is only made for Windows. Sorry Macintosh users!

mirc55s.exemIRC 5.50: Windows 3.1 Version (16-Bit)903KB
mirc55t.exemIRC 5.50: Windows 95/98/NT Version (32-Bit)952KB
mfaq38hp.zipmIRC 5.50 Frequently Asked Questions (38)88.5KB
IrcleIrcle: Macintosh IRC ClientN/A
KIATO Chat room