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Gregory Kapageridis

Over 10 years hands-on experience in computer applications design, development and maintenance, three years of which also included statistical analysis on the largest volume product for a major insurance company.

Technical Summary:
IBM 370, 3090, ES/9000-720, AMDAHL 5880, IBM/PC, OS MVS JCL/Utilities, TSO ISPF/PDF, Panvalet, Librarian Viasoft, IMS Fileaid, WYLBUR, COBOL II/370 IMS DB/DC, DL/I, CICS, DB2, TELON,VSAM, Supra, PL/1, EasyTrieve Plus, Adabas/Natural, SQL, Microsoft Office Products, CHGMAN, INFOMAN, JOBTRAC, HTML, VISUAL AGE, CSP

National Bank of Greece (Athens,Greece) - subcontracting 06/2002-Present
Working with First Data(PAYSYS) of USA to install their VisionPLUS mainframe software package to fully manage the bank's credit environment. Package written in COBOL, VSAM, CICS, JCL.

IBM GREECE (Athens,Greece) - subcontracting 04/2001-10/2001
Senior Contractor-Programmer/Analyst
Responsible for the overall Euro Conversion project for IBM Greece's 16 internal applications. This includes the analysis, conversion, testing and implementation of the applications using VISUAL AGE, CSP, CICS, DB2, PL/1, REXX on both MVS and VM platforms. Responsible for training new consultants, and overseeing their work.

KEANE Consultants at America West Airlines(Phoenix, AZ) 01/1999-03/2000

Responsible for analysis, maintenance, development, and complete testing of Y2K affected programs. IMS DB/DC COBOL II/370 environment.

Compuware(PSC) at American Express Corp.(Phoenix, AZ) 11/1997-01/1999
Responsible for analysis, design, development, and maintenance of online and batch programs for the Fraud division. IMS DB/DC COBOL II/370 environment. Using METHOD/1 Systems Development Methodology.

CDI Corp at AlliedSignal Aerospace-Honeywell (Phoenix, AZ) 11/1995-11/1997
Was responsible for analysis, design, development, and maintenance of online and batch programs for the Finance division, specifically for production support.Additionally worked on the new Electronic Storefront Project . IMS DB/DC COBOL II,TELON .

Arizona Department of Revenue(Phoenix, AZ) 1/1992-10/1995
Programmer Analyst III
Responsibilities included analysis, design and development of on-line and batch programs for the Sales Tax Division. The system was developed in a CICS Cobol VSAM environment. Heavy user interaction for enhancements and modifications to the system. On nightly call to resolve production problems. Involved on a pilot project with the Property Tax group using new tools for the office (Adabas/Natural).

Arizona Department of Transportation (Phoenix, AZ) 8/1991-12/1991
Senior Computer Programmer/Consultant
Developed, tested, and documented on-line programs for ADOT's Mandatory Insurance system (MI) using IMS DC and PL/I.

CUNA Mutual/League Insurance (Southfield, MI) 7/1986-7/1991
Applications Programmer/Actuary
Developed, tested, and maintained Credit and Credit Card programs on the mainframe in both the on-line and batch environments. System was developed using Cobol and PL/I, IMS DB, CICS, and VSAM. Supervised and assisted operators in the billing and transmission of credit union accounts to service bureaus. Performed month-end reporting, valuations on reserves, recommended system enhancements based on user needs and production efficiencies.

Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL) 1985-1986
Teaching Assistant

Taught courses in Pre-Calculus and Linear Programming. Prepared exams, graded papers and tutored undergraduate students.

M.A., Mathematics, Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL) 1986
B.A., Mathematics/Computer Science,
Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC) 1983
Exam 100 of the
Society of Actuaries (Detroit, MI) 1987

Personal Information:
U.S. citizen, European Community citizen, fluent in English and Greek.



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