Tuesday, February 29, 2000

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Election 2000 Campaign Spotlight
(A  Newsletter on American Politics-February 23)

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American Embassy, 91 Vassilissis Sophias Avenue,
101 60 Athens, Phone: (30-1) 721-2951
Public Affairs Section, 8 Makedonon Street,

115 21 Athens, Phone: (30-1) 643-4710, (30-1) 643-2977

Current Issues

1999 Human Rights Report

American Studies Seminar April 10-21, 2000
(Seminar Schedule)

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U.S. Elections 2000
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2000 State of
the Union Address

Defense Secretary's Annual Report to the President and the Congress

Clinton-Gore Administration FY 2001 Budget

Black History Month


The Biosafety Protocol

The Month of Africa
at the United Nations

Israel-Syria Peace Talks

Y2K: The Year 2000


Southeast Europe
Crisis in Kosovo

Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo: an Accounting

December 1999

U.S. Department of State

The Transfer
  of the Panama Canal

President Clinton's Visit to Greece
November 19-20, 1999

WTO Third Ministerial

UN Climate Change Conference

Ratifying the Comprehensive
Test Ban Treaty


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